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 前回ご紹介した献上品作品、南部砂鉄 石割桜南部形鉄瓶の記事はご覧いただいていますでしょうか?







【Nanbusatetsu Ishiwarizakura Futongata Tetsubin】

 Did you already read the article about "a gift for the new emperor" that I wrote on the previouse page?

This Ishiwarizakura Futongata Tetsubin is designed with the same image of Ishiwarizakura cherry blossoms, which were also used on the tetsubin that was given to the emperor. The unique feature of this tetsubin is that the patterns are drawn with an overlaping petal pattern.

The shape of tetsubin is round and is called "Futongata", and it is smaller than the "Nanbugata tetsubin". Therefore, it is good not only for displaying as a work of art but also for using in everyday life.

There is a pine corn shaped knob on top of the lid and there are flower petals along the edge of the lid, which enhances the tetsubin's beauty and splendor.

This tetsubin does not rust easily because we use sand iron, which is rare and valuable nowadays. In addition, we polish the tetsubin at the end of the process in order to make it more beautiful.

Recently, we have been actively working on making sand iron kettles in order to hand down to the next generation the traditional skills that has been lasting for over 400 years.

Although it takes tremendous skill to create every tetsubin, our artisans are working wholehertedly to honor the sand iron kettle tradition.

Currently, we have no plans to make more Ishiwarizakura Nanbugata tetsubin. However, this Ishiwarizakura Futongata tetsubin is available by special order.

 If interested, please send us an inquiry via the inquiry form on this website.