【How to use Nanbu Iron Kettle】

◼️Start to use the kettle for the first time◼️
Please boil some water with your kettle a few times for the first use in order it to be ready to be used. You can drink the boiled hot water once the water becomes clear. If there are still some iron odors remaining in the water, please try to boil a few times until it has no iron odors. Please use the kettle with the moderate amount of water (roughly 80% of the full capacity) to prevent the water from overflowing.

◼️Tips for using kettle propery◼️
①Do not touch and scrub with sponge inside of the kettle.
→It damages Yuaka (water fur / direct translation is water dirt) and causes rust on the kettle.

②Please grow the Yuaka as soon as possible.
→Yuaka prevents the kettle from rusting, so please try to grow Yuaka as much as you can.
You will see red spots inside of the kettle in about one week since you started using, then you will see white fur inside in about ten days since started. Please do not remove it because it is not rust. Plus, please use the kettle every day for at least two weeks so that the kettle gets used to boiled water.

③Please use water up and dry the kettle after using.
→Please drain all the remaining hot water out of the kettle, open the lid and dry up the inside with either remaining heat or a weak heat on the kitchen appliance. (Please do not put it on a heat more than it needs.

The most important thing is that to use the kettle every day, therefore, please use it as much as you can and take care of it.

◼️How to use the kettle for Gas stove and Electromagnetic cookers◼️
・Please use the kettle under medium heat on a gas stove. *Ideally, turn on the heat within the bottom dimension of the kettle.
・Please use the kettle under the power of medium on an electromagnetic cooker.

◼️What should do in such case? ◼️
・Please keep the inside of the kettle dry and keep it in spots with good ventilation.
It it the best care that you use the kettle every day, but when you keep it for a while, try to put desiccants or rolled crumpled newspaters in. It helps the kettle from rusting.
*Please make sure that it is not perfectly prevent rusting, therefore, you should check it regularly.

・It is fine to use the kettle unless the hot water looks muddy or smells like iron in case putting it on a heat with no water or leaving some water inside for a few hours. Please just keep using the kettle.
In case muddy color or rusty smell remains, please let us know so that we can repair it. (Payment is required)

・The iron rust will not affect human bodies in case you drink, therefore, please do not worry about it.

・There may be some occasions where the hot water does not come out smoothly. In that case, please try to use it with shifting the lid a little.

◼️ In case the kettle gets rust◼️
Wrap green tea or black tea leaves in a cloth package, then put it into the kettle and boil the water together. Tannins, the components of green tea, will react to iron and make the inside color black when you boil the water with tea leaves for a few times. Then you can use the kettle again if the hot water is clear after coming to a boil.
You can use the water that is used to rinse rice instead of tea leaves.