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【Tsubomigata Tetsubin】

I will introduce Tsubomigata Tetsubin this time.

This tetsubin represents a plump body like a water balloon with the centre of gravity is a little below, and also it has cute round body.

In addition, there is a long skinny spout attached to the vertically long body, it is also a characteristic of this tetsubin.

As I wrote in the another article about "Yuzugata tetsubin", I would like you to focus on its surface called "Hada (skin)" of this tetsubin this time as well.

【Hada of Tsubomigata Tetsubin】

This Hada is called "Kinu-hada (It means silk skin in Japanese)", it is made with a brush by putting fine sand called "Kinumane" onto the tetsubin. (Kinumane is sand that is as fine as sand that can be strained by silk.)

【Process of making Nashijihada】

The rough skin expresses the strength, while the fine skin expresses delicacy.

Mr. Tayama, representative of Tayama iron kettle studio said that "Tsubomigata Tetsubin expresses the beauty of the simpleness the best. Both the Hada and the shape are simple, therefore, it takes extra caring and work to each process."
He was mentioning the difficulties about the simpleness of Tsubomigata Tetsubin that is hard to cover even one small fault, compared to other tetsubin that stands out its patterns.

Tsubomigata Tetsubin is easier to match both in modern living space and traditional Japanese living space. You can choose three sizes from L, M and S depending on your need.

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